Farcaster Films has co-produced several feature-length and short films. Check out our IMDB page for more info.

A blurry capture of a person in a referee's black-and-white striped jersey stumbling forward, mouth open, with a wooden gym floor in the background.
The Ref
Photos and more info about this film are forthcoming!
A Mouthful of Air
A still from the film, where two middle-aged white men face each other in front of a glass wall. One is frowning slightly and they look as if they are in the middle of a conversation.
Human Capital
An older white man stoops to hug a small Asian boy. There are blurred green trees in the background.
Maggie Gyllenhaal, a thin white woman with short dark hair and wearing a black dress, is looking into the distance to the left. A small child sitting next to her with his legs crossed, looking in the opposite direction. The chairs are green plastic and the walls are a medium-tone wood with prominent grain.
The Kindergarten Teacher
Seven children, most with with pale skin and dark hair, sit at light blue schooldesks arranged in a triangle. The two children in front, a boy and a girl, look bored.
Boarding School