Boarding School

When troubled 12-year-old Jacob Felsen is sent away to boarding school, he enters every kid's worst nightmare: A creepy old mansion, deserted except for six other teenage misfits and two menacing and mysterious teachers. As events become increasingly horrific, Jacob must conquer his fears to find the strength to survive.

Directed by Boaz Yakin. Starring Will Patton, Samantha Mathis, Luke Prael, Sterling Jerins, Nadia Alexander, Tammy Blanchard, and Lucy Walters.

Movie poster with a pale young boy with blood on his lips and cheek, holding his fingers to his lips with his mouth open. The poster text reads'Jacob is having a bad day at school.', with the movie title appearing in red below his face.
Students sitting in desk-chair combos looking forward and slightly bored. To the left is a boy with pale skin and long-ish brown hair (Jacob), to the right is a pale girl with long brown hair with her chin resting on her fist (Isabel). The desks are blue and the walls are yellow wallpaper with a Victorian-looking pattern on them.
Ultimately, what’s exciting to me is that through all the fear and anxiety within it, "Boarding School" is, as far as I am concerned, a rather upbeat and optimistic story about finding personal empowerment. It’s a hero’s journey, although, unlike most boys’ heroic journeys, where the protagonist finds his father’s sword or the like, this is one where he finds his grandmother’s dress.
Boaz Yakin, Director
Jacob and Isabel stand together in a hall lit with red-orange light. He is looking at her and holding onto her wrist, while she looks ahead with a shocked/scared expression.
Jacob and Phil, who has a heavily scarred face, look up and in front of them, appearing apprehensive. They are both seated at a table with plates of food in front of them.
Jacob and his mother sit at a desk looking concerned. There is a figurine of an animal on the desk in the foreground and a man sitting in the background.
Jacob and Dr. Sherman face each other in a red-lit room.